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1960 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 (BT7)
For Sale

This is a very nice driver, solid on the road, with solid, rust-free chassis. Some restoration work has been done; car comes with extensive list of trim parts ready to be installed:

  • New in-box carpet kit, black
  • New in-box panel kit, black
  • New in-box Robbins soft top. Old top with front bow and latches, and top frame in good coniditon.
  • Hard top — Needs headliner redone, and new rubber. New rubber for rear window included.
  • Recovered dash/instrument panel, in same material as seats.
  • Extra material (a couple of yards) of the material seats were recovered in, black vinyl with gray piping.
  • Complete windshield wiper motor and assembly. (Used, but works.)
  • Plexiglass wing wings in good condition.
  • Side curtains in very good condition.
  • Original oil filter assembly
  • Original 2-piece 4-blade engine fan
  • New Lucas-style mirror for right front fender
  • Rear view mirror (dash) in very good condition
  • New left rear knock off
  • 2 new outside door handles
  • New wood spacers for mounting seats with new nut kit
  • Luan wood pieces and material to cover rear wheel arches
  • New “Austin” and “Valve Setting” plates for valve cover (have original valve cover if desired)
  • Factory manual and lead additive
  • Car cover

Additional pictures and details available upon request. | $39,500