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This classic Jaguar is undergoing a total restoration, after years of neglect under a tarp in someone's backyard. The engine has been out of the car since the 1950s. The car has been stripped and examined in order to determine the best direction to execute this project.
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This Jag will have a long road back. The engine came to us in a box, along with other parts.
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Storing the body outside under a tarp for almost 50 years didn't do it any favors. Another project that was started with good intentions.
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The XK 120's rolling chassis is in the background. In the foreground is the engine and boxes of parts that arrived with the car.
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Once the fenders are off, a chance to see the true extent of rust and other damage on the frame.
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A section of the frame after undergoing a chemical dip to dissolve all the rust, the only way to eliminate rust from inaccessible cavities.
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After the rust is removed, parts that are beyond repair are removed and new new metal replaces the corruption. Shown here is the same fender area as above, from a different angle.
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The engine is out of its crate and on stand, getting new motor mounts, among other things.