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2005 Ford GT • Accident repair

1929 Nash Special Six Coupe
You don’t see many of these on the road — This 2005 Ford GT two-seater mid-engine supercar is one of about 4,000 made between 2005 and 2006. It was designed following the concept of the GT40 racing car of the 1960s — just a little bigger, wider and taller than the originals.
OUCH! It was a bad day for the GT’s owner when he had it out for a drive and had a run-in with another car which cut him off, forcing him off the road and under a fence. Fortunately, no one was hurt ... but lots of damage to the car. Sourcing parts like the aluminum body panels and dealing with the insurance company is expected to be a lengthy and interesting proposition.
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The GT looks kind of cool with its front and back panels removed. This would still be an impressive-looking car moving down the road.
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Views of the GT with hood and front fenders, left ... and without its rear panels, right.

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