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1966 MGB • Accident repair

Stacks Image 1964
The owner of this nice 1966 MGB had an unfortunate accident during a driving event with her club, and rear-ended the MGB that had come to a stop in front of her. We hate when that happens. Damage to this car was to the right side turn signal lens and fender, front bumper and overriders,
Initial body work on the front of the fenders around the turn signals and on the edge of the hood. New grill is dry-fitted to make sure everything fits and lines up just so.
Stacks Image 1976
Stacks Image 1974
Finished paint, and just about ready to go.
Stacks Image 1966
Light test before it leaves the bodyshop… and the original grille badge installed on the new grille. (New grille came with an inferior replica that did not match the original very well. You can see some of the badge that came with the grill in the second photo. Although there’s tape over it, you can see how much thicker the silver octagon border and letters are.)