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1929 Nash Special Six Coupe
We call this one the Black Beast. It just dominated the shop, at about 14.5 feet long, almost 6 feet wide, and weighing in at just about a ton and a half. The primary headlamps are each more than a foot in diameter. Just 1,861 of these cars made. It came in for some “get it started” work, which included flushing the fuel lines and tank, adjusting the clutch, giving it a tune up and new speedometer cable … and finding new wiper blades to fit.
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This three-quarter view shows off the classic lines and rugged simplicity of the design, with long hood, large free-standing headlamps, flowing separate front fenders, and the upright radiator grille, capped by the distinctive Jaguar "leaper" mascot.
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The lap of early automotive luxury: Classic British wood dash, leather seats with footrests, simple and distinct gauges … and a flower holder on the dash board.
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