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1972 De Tomoso Pantera

1929 Nash Special Six Coupe
Here’s a car you don’t see every day — one of about 5,500 De Tomoso Panteras brought into the U.S. from Italy in the early ’70s, when Ford Motor Company had a substantial interest in the company. This Pantera coupe features unibody construction and a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 rear-mid engine with rear-wheel drive. The car is a regular visitor to the shop — we’ve sorted out the mysteries of its braking and electrical system, and most recently have been doing an assortment of performance modifications, including replacing the clutch, modifying the shift linkage, improving the fuel system and rebuilding the gearbox and transaxle.
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The Pantera — Italian for “panther” — features a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive power train.

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Modified shift linkage, new clutch and rebuilt gearbox will have the Pantera moving swiftly down the road.
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Newly painted and detailed engine matched up with rebuilt transmission goes into the car as we finish up with a number of performance modifications on the Pantera.