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1929 NASH Series 430 Special Six Coupe

1929 Nash Special Six Coupe
Here's a real vintage car ... a solid 1929 Nash Series 430 Special Six rumble seat coupe that has came to us for the attention needed to get back on the road after a number of years parked. A much bigger car than most that come to our shop, it has a 116-inch wheelbase, wooden spoke wheels, and a length of almost 16.5 feet. It has a 3-speed manual transmission. This wasn't a restoration project, but a "get 'er running" job. We checked the ignition, cleaned and flushed the fuel system, and had a metal part custom cast for a part of the steering wheel assembly that had disintegrated with age. It was a fun car to work on.
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This car features a two-coil, six-cylinder engine ... with TWO spark plugs per cylinder
(One set is in the head, the other set is in the block.)

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Like all really early cars, the interior of the Nash Coupe is a study in simplicity. With real wood dash and mohair seats, natch.