Tech Bit: TC/TD Brackets

From: The Sacred Octagon, December 2009, Vol. 47, No. 4
New England MG ‘T’ Register, Ltd.

I had the opportunity to check out a new product on the market that solves an old problem of how to neatly keep the bonnet side panels elevated at a show for M.G. TC and TD.

They are a pair of small brackets that attach to the radiator stays, bent at the proper angle to accept the rubber buffer of the side panel, and powder coated black for long life.

It you saw Mike Jones’ first-place winning TD at the last GOF, then you might have noticed the brackets. They are being sold by K&T Vintage Sports Cars of Allentown, Pa., for $40 a pair.

Contact Ken Beck, the owner, for details at 484-664-2353. Address is 1511 E. Woodlawn St., Allentown, Pa. 18109.

More information and photos online