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Tech Session at K&T Vintage

I’m not a big fan of wire wheels, so the tech session at K&T Vintage Sports Cars on November 12 wasn’t a big attraction to me. But I decided to attend so I could do three of my favorite things: take photos, drive my Jaguar and spend time with good friends from the club. Also, after visiting the K & T Vintage Sports Car website, I thought it would be interesting to view some of their restoration projects in progress. As it turned out it was a productive day and thoroughly enjoyable. Read More...

1950 TD: A 40-year friendship

This is the story of a 40-year friendship and an affection for British sports cars that turned a well-used 1950 M.G. TD into a national concours contender. The TD (0875) was just a sporty second-hand car in 1961 when 17-year-old Mike Jones bought it off a used car lot in Allentown, Pa., with $400 earned on his paper route. Read More...