E-type wire wheels tuned and tires trued

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I am giving a shout out to K&T VINTAGE SPORTS CARS in Allentown, Pa.

I have never been able to get shimmy out of my car. [1968 Jaguar XKE FHC Series 1½]

Alignment and balancing didn't do the trick. I knew I had a couple of broken spokes, although there was always something else to do, so things got pushed off.

I contacted Ken at K&T about my issues. I dropped off four tires and wheels, hoping he didn't come back and say the wheels were shot. He tuned the wheels, replacing three spokes, and trued the tires and balanced them.

Picked them up yesterday. All I can say is I must be driving another E-Type. It is incredible. No shimmy nor wandering over the road.

I recommend them completely. I have no connection except being a very satisfied and thankful customer.

Bill Scola
1968 FHC Series 1½