1950 MG-TD goes to AACA Grand National meet

1950 MG-TD at AACA 2014 Annual Grand National Meet in Lebanon, Tenn. Mike Jones, center, relaxes behind his 1950 M.G.-TD at the Antique Automobile Club of America 2014 Annual Grand National meet in Lebanon, Tenn. Seated at right are Tom and Maggie Schneck, who transported the car. (Myra Jones photo)

By Michael O. Jones

One of the objectives of the restoration of my 1950 M.G.-TD was to take it through the Antique Automobile Club of America (“AACA”) program of awards.

We received the First National award in 2008 and the Senior First National award 2009. The next step was the Grand National competition.

Grand National meets are held once each year, and they alternate between east of the Mississippi and west of the Mississippi locations. They can be quite a distance away from Eastern Pennsylvania.

In 2014, the meet was scheduled for June in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Myra encouraged me to look for a way to get there. I tried certain auto transport brokers, but found them to be expensive. I was glad that Ken Beck at K & T Vintage Sports Cars offered to help. Ken and I arranged for Tom Schneck to haul the car to the meet using Ken’s closed trailer and Tom’s truck. Tom did a very professional job getting the car to Tennessee.

The day of the show, it started to rain as we unloaded the car, and I don’t like rain on the canvas top. As this rain had been forecast, we were prepared with a plastic drop cloth and about a dozen clamps, and Tom and I made a suitable waterproof cover for the top and it stayed dry.

Luckily the rain stopped just before the judging began. Tom and I wiped down the car, took off the plastic cover from the top and were ready for the judges.

There were nine cars in our class, all of them were very good restorations. There was an exceptional 1948 Vauxhall roadster. It was a prototype, but fully functional, and the only one produced. It was a good-looking roadster in a burgundy paint with tan top and interior, and I doubt if I will ever see that car again.

At the end of the day the participants gathered under a huge pavilion for a picnic supper and the award ceremony. I was pleased to receive a First Grand National award. My award was presented by a past president of the AACA. His name is also Mike Jones, so that brought a little humor to the award presentation.

So, thanks to my wife for encouraging me to go to Tennessee, and thanks to Tom and Maggie Schneck for transporting the car. And thanks to K & T Vintage Sports Cars for the great restoration.

The next Grand National meet east of the Mississippi is in nearby Williamsport, Pa., in 2016, where I plan to try for the Senior Grand National award.

1950 MG-TD at AACA 2014 Annual Grand National Meet in Lebanon, Tenn.
1950 MG-TD at AACA 2014 Annual Grand National Meet in Lebanon, Tenn.