Texas Triumphs visit K&T Vintage

Six members of the Texas Triumph Register, standing, visit with Ken Beck at K&T Vintage Sports Cars in Allentown on Thursday, May 28, 2015. The Texas club organizes a long-distance trip each year, and this year’s drive to Maine and back included a stop at shops like K&T along the way.

Six cars and drivers from the Texas Triumph Register visited K&T Vintage Sports Cars on May 28, a planned stop on their 2015 road trip from Houston to Maine.

The club organizes a long-distance trip every year — they’ve gone to the Great Lakes, Florida, and the Dakotas, among other spots.

This year’s 17-day trip will take them more than 5,000 miles through 21 states, to Maine and back again. They started out with seven cars, but one blew a head gasket and had to drop out. The six remaining are a good representation of the marque: A TR250, two TR3s, and three TR6s.

As the club’s website says, “Organized drives are a key component of Texas Triumph Register activities.”

While here, the group had a tour of our shop operations and had an explanation of our specialized wheel balancing and tire truing operation.

The club, founded in Houston in 1981, is a local chapter of the Vintage Triumph Register, the Triumph Sports Owners Association, and the Triumph Register of America.

It was a real pleasure to meet these gentlemen and their beautiful, road-worthy Triumphs. Frankly, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate “British Car Week” then to get in your car and drive it.

Six Triumphs from Texas stopped off at K&T Vintage: A TR250, a TR3 and three TR6s.

Ken Beck shows off the shop’s specialized wheel balancing and tire truing operation.

The Texas Triumphs depart from K&T Vintage Sports Cars, on their way Maine.