1950 TD wins Senior Grand National Award

Mike Jones, left, earned the Senior Grand National Award for his 1950 M.G. TD at the Antique Automobile Club of America 2016 Annual Grand National meet in Williamsport, Pa. (Myra Jones photo)
Mike Jones, left, gives some last-minute attention to the TD before the judges arrive at the AACA 2016 Annual Grand National meet in Williamsport, Pa. (Myra Jones photo)
The judges give the TD a thorough going over. (Myra Jones photo)

By Mike Jones

One of the objectives of the restoration of my 1950 MG TD was to take it through the Antique Automobile Club of America (“AACA”) program of awards. We received the First National award in 2008 and the Senior First National Award 2009. The next step was the Grand National competitions.

Grand National meets are held once each year, and alternate between East of the Mississippi and West of the Mississippi locations, so they can be quite a distance away.

In 2014, the meet was scheduled for June in Lebanon, Tenn., and the car received its First Grand National Award at that time. The next Grand National Meet east of the Mississippi was scheduled to be at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pa., in June of 2016.

Planning for that trip began early in 2016. Ken Beck, owner of K & T Vintage Sports Cars LLC of Allentown, Pa., was graciously willing to help again. Getting to these shows would be impossible without Ken’s help.

The big day was Saturday, June 4, and it was a good day with a threat of an afternoon storm. There were 15 cars in our class. Five of the owners, like me, were seeking the Senior Grand National Award.

All of them were very good restorations. Some of the exceptional cars were: a 1932 MG F1 Magna with a special body; a 1938 MG TA; and a 1933 MG J2.

I was lucky to have a family cheering section at the show. Two of my wife Myra’s cousins and spouses, two of Myra’s sisters and her brother came to Williamsport for the show weekend.

The college campus was packed with automobiles of all kinds. The AACA organizers were anticipating about 450 cars, but they got about 650 cars. Most of the day was warm and dry and the judging was over by mid-morning. We did get the rain just before we were ready to take the car back to the trailer.

At the end of the day the participants gathered for a dinner and the award ceremony. I was pleased to receive a Senior Grand National Award for the TD.

Thanks to K & T Vintage Sports Cars, LLC for the great restoration!