Talking tires at Kimber Festival 2016

Note: Ken Beck of K&T Vintage Sports Cars, right, was among the presenters at the 2016 Kimber Festival hosted by the New England MG “T” Register in Allentown on April 9-10, 2016.

The event, named for MG founder Cecil Kimber, is an annual symposium of presentations on the British car hobby.

The story that follows contains excerpts from reports on the Kimber Festival that were published in the June 2016 issue of
The Sacred Octagon, the NEMGTR’s monthly magazine, and are republished with permission.

Ken’s talk was about wire wheel truing, balancing and tire shaving — a specialty of K&T Vintage. Details and a video can be found on our
Tires and Tire Truing page.

By David Sander
Chairman, The New England MG “T” Register

The 2016 Kimber Festival, held at the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown, Pa., was a fantastic event.

Friday night we had a “Meet and Greet” and swap meet sponsored by the Keystone Region MG Club at our host hotel. There as also an impressive showing of MGs outside the hotel. It was very welcoming to be greeted by local MG enthusiasts.

On Saturday, all events were at the America on Wheels museum. This is a fantastic building with a great automotive display. Interesting, the first two vehicles I could see upon entering the museum were two Register cars, a beautiful TC and a stunning early TD.

2016_0409_KingTC_KimberFest 2016_0409_JonesTD_KimberFest
[Note: The two cars both belonged to customers of K&T Vintage Sports Cars: The 1947 MG TC owned by Art King, left above, and the 1950 MG TD owned by Mike Jones, right, that was restored at K&T Vintage to national concours standards.]

Richard Miller was our first presenter with an overview of the British automotive invasion of North America, from the MGTC through the MGB.

Next, Mike Beckstein gave a presentation of the Register’s Circuit of Britain trip in 1990. Many in attendance were also participants of that once-in-a-lifetime trip. Many wonderful stories were exchanged.

Geoff Wheatley gave a presentation titled “The End of an Era,” outlining the downfall of the British automotive industry.

Our lunch break included a “Book Show and Tell” where attendees shared a book that has been important to their M.G. enjoyment.

Ken Beck of K&T Vintage Sports Cars gave a technical demonstration sharing his expertise on how to mount, true and balance wire wheels. The science and practice of “tire shaving” was explained in depth.

John Nikas from Moss Motors led a discussion on the present state of the British sports car hobby.

Robin Barker led a discussion about MGA sales literature and analysis of the Nuffield press code.

Our final presenter was Tom Wilson, with a discussion of pre-war car production at Abingdon, war-time production, and finally the “new” MG TC.
Cecil Kimber would have been thrilled to attend Kimber Festival 2016! What an event…

The venue, America on Wheels museum in Allentown, Pa., was perfect for a bunch of auto enthusiasts to park and meet for a day of intriguing sessions on the world of transportation, especially MGs.

On Friday everyone met at the museum to get registered by Dick and Ann Knudson, tour the facilities and check out any preparations to be made for presentations. Not only was there a display of MGs in the parking lot, but also two great MG cars were featured in the display halls. Some very well restored and rare vehicles are on display and we highly recommend a visit to the museum if you are ever in the vicinity of Allentown, Pa.

Later we all met at the event hotel to take part in the “Meet and Greet” sponsored by the Keystone Region MG Club and organized by Greg Prehodka. Thanks to Greg and his team! A number of members had set up displays and flea market items were displayed. I got several wonder deals and even my wife was impressed. A super social opening to the Kimber Festival!

*** Ken Beck gave a very practical presentation on the “Secrets of Perfect Wheels and Tires.”

Now we know what it takes to make an old car run straight, with no vibrations cowl shake and reasonable tire wear.

Two great MG cars were featured in the display halls.

The Sacred Octagon, June 2016, Vol., 54, No. 3
New England MG ‘T’ Register, Ltd.